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 We start with an onsite visit to see your space and discuss how you want it to feel. Then we put together a plan that includes several art options for each wall.

Because we know having art changes lives - we can't wait to work with you to find art that changes yours. 

Add art to your walls that tells your story and looks good doing it.

About us

We like to say “we are a side part and a middle part. We are a popped collar and a statement necklace. We are chic earrings and a worn jean jacket.”

We bring this diversity in style and aesthetic to your walls. Always looking for the right piece of art that represents your style, that tells a story, and makes your space feel like you. 

We are into art and can't wait to get you into art.

It has been scientifically proven that simply having art around us releases serotonin, giving us the same feeling as being in love. 

— someone great

It started with a simple request from a friend who needed a piece of art — a show stopper for the dining room. Connecting to artists online and visiting various art shows, Whitney uncovered the just right abstract with rich colors, reminding the friend of the view from her favorite vacation spot. From there, things grew and Whitney discovered a niche in helping homeowners and commercial clients complete their space by adding art that not only elevates their design style, but also tells their story. 

With that "win", Whitney quietly launched ART FOR THE HOME in Richmond, VA — mostly as a blog, telling stories and connecting people to art. Over the past couple of years, this passion has grown into full service art curation for residential and commercial space.

In late 2020, Whitney connected with Stevie who shared a passion for all things art. After a couple glasses of rosé (and some serious thought), they launched ART FOR THE HOME in Nashville, TN in 2021.

Along the way, it became obvious that ART FOR THE HOME was a slightly limiting descriptor for the work being done. Working with commercial and community clients has become a big part of the art "work" and story. So, over more wine and visionary conversations they decided to write the next chapter and rolled out INTO/ART in 2022.

Whitney, Stevie, and the growing team are INTO/ART and can't wait to get you into art!!

One day a long time ago...

the story

With a corporate background in Human Resources and Marketing, and previous start-up success, I noticed that a through-line to my experience is connecting. Leaning into this natural skill and my long-time passion for art, I quietly launched ART FOR THE HOME in 2017 — as a blog, telling stories and connecting people to art. 

My appreciation for art is deep and wide. Watching my Nanny bring a bowl of fruit to life through pastels and watercolor, I've always been drawn to the artist process and their ability to let go and play. I've tried to paint a masterpiece and know that even the "simplest" abstract is not easy to create!! And it's not just the finished piece of art that I love, but it is the process of how that piece comes to be that draws me in. I love how artists use color to communicate with the world - often times communicating more through a painting than words could ever express.

I believe that art is an exchange of energy that we might not be able to see or explain but that makes us feel something - it connects us.

Whitney Forstner


Hiking with my husband and boys, sipping rosé with friends, reading a good book on the beach, and listening to an entertaining podcast.

FOUNDEr, curator

Growing up outside of Chicago, regular trips to The Art Institute were a favorite. It was familiar, much like recognizing the masterpieces inside became over the years. Rather than having a poster of a teenage heartthrob hanging from my 13 year-old self’s bedroom wall, I had Georgia O’ Keefe framed prints.

As much as the arts and design spoke to me, I found another joy in that of service. This led to a Masters degree and licensure in Clinical Social Work and a 12 year career in mental health. Meanwhile, I married my high school sweetheart and we renovated our 1920s home. My enthusiasm for interiors was rekindled and organically, a small business and a whole new skill set was born. The experience came in handy when approached to assist in the design and development of Nashville’s first women’s co-working space Collective615. Had it not been for that stint surrounded by powerhouse female entrepreneurs, I may have missed the connection with Whitney!

I am taking all I know about the human condition and what creates joy within us - and applying that into INTO/ART.

director, curator

Stevie Lord


Hot yoga, collecting house plants, my children’s sporting events, dreaming up home improvements (I never actually make to my home) and all things aesthetic.

We are so honored

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 to be recognized as experts in our field and included in several online and print publications.