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Connecting You to Art from Inspiration to Installation

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Finding the right piece of art is a challenge, especially if you don't know what you like (yet!). Buying art online can be risky and working with an art gallery can be intimidating.

We've eliminated the barriers to finding art you love by curating a collection of art that is unique to your space and your personal style. 

You'll never stare at a blank wall again. 

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It's not about what we like — it's about uncovering what you like.  Then we bring you the art that makes your space feel like you.
You have the walls. We bring the art. 

Art tells a story. What do your walls say about you?

During our first meeting (onsite or virtually), we spend time listening to you. We walk through your space and talk about how you want your space to feel.

Then we create a visual plan that includes a variety of art from artists across the country - introducing you to options you may never have considered for your space. 

But we don't just hand over a list of art options, we bring the art to you. We try it out in your space. We talk about scale and color variation. We put the art together to create your visual story. 

Our approach

“One of the most brilliant ways we honor connection is through art. Art brings us together. Art is the way we tell the collective story of humanity, but is also one of the most powerful ways we connect with each other on earth.”

— laura lynne jackson

We love art. It's that simple. And it is so much more. We love art for the visual beauty it brings to a room and  the connection it creates between artist and collector.

We’d rather be talking about art...

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